Plugfy: A Java byte code compatibility analyser

Plugfy checks whether all dependencies of an extension are met. It pays special attention to method signatures and can detect incompatible byte code changes even if they are compatible at the source code level.


Commandline Example

Plugfy can be used on the command line:
java -cp plugfy.jar;baseclasspath net.sf.plugfy.verifier.Main plugin.jar
Plugfy will check that the dependencies of plugin.jar are met in the base classpath.

Code Example

Plugfy can be embedded into your application to check plugins before they are loaded:
URL url = new File("plugin.jar").toURI().toURL();
VerificationContext context = new VerificationContext(null, this.getClass().getClassLoader(), url);
new JarVerifier().verify(url, context);
For simplicity, this example just prints the results to the console. The result is a list of Violation objects, that can be easily processed in your code.

Download & change log

Version 0.6

Version 0.5

Version 0.4

Version 0.3

Version 0.2